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Release Date - August 8, 2014


First I want to say a sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone that has been a member of the Georgians Quartet. It has been an awesome journey for my late father and me to be a part of this ministry and our great southern gospel music for 60 years. The original group, the Stamps Melody Quartet was renamed the Georgians Quartet is 1954 at the suggestion of the late Hovie Lister.


Obviously, over that length of time there have been many dear people that have sung and become very close friends of mine, and it would be unfair to mention names, as I might leave out someone. I have seen numerous changes in our wonderful music, but the primary reason and main focus has remained the same, Jesus Christ.


Now days, my personal involvement is more limited due to age and energy, but I am still active and if I am not able to be there, we have increased the number of personnel to sing and serve with the same excellence for the Lord. This is one of the roles for using the word Reunion in our promotions, as we try to have some former members singing on a part time basis.


Again, thank you for all your support and prayers as we believe, The Best Is Yet To Come!